Cheap International Calls from your mobile or landline

Use your free cross network minutes to call abroad

Our Text & Talk is our revolutionary mobile service that allows you to call anywhere in the world from 1p / min. There are no accounts to open and no hassle. Just dial the access number, wait for the prompt and enter your international number. You can use your credit directly from your mobile or from any other phone using a PIN number.

Just add some Text & Talk credit to your mobile by texting the word INTOUCH to 80556 (standard network rate). We’ll then add £5 worth of international call minutes directly to your mobile phone.

You can now call your overseas contacts at incredible low rates.

Click here to download a full list of destinations.

PLEASE NOTE: Downloading our destination list requires you to have Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer.

Download Adobe here Free
Download here FREE


How will your calls be free calling a 0208 number?

Your international calls will be free if you’ve got a pay monthly phone with cross network minutes on any UK network provider.

When you’ve used your month’s allocation of free minutes calls will be charged at regular landline 0208 call rates.


Tricks for saving on dialling time

There’s even a simple trick that you can use to make the dialling process completely seamless.

All you need to do is edit your international numbers to include the access number at the beginning, followed by a pause. This can be done easily depending on the brand of your mobile:

How to find pause in your mobile:

Nokia phones:
Press * 3 times until a 'p' appears

Siemens / Panasonic phones:
Press 0 and hold until a '+' appears

Motorola / Sony Ericsson phones:
Press * and hold until a 'p' appears

If you need help with this, see your mobile phone instruction manual or contact your phone manufacturer.



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